Legendary of Songkran lady (Nang Songkran)

There was a rich guy who was accused by a drunken neighbour, saying that the rich is useless because it can't help him to have any children to succeed the family. So the rich guy went to pledge at the riverside banyan tree on Songkran day. Indhra helped him by commanding Dhamabal Dhewabutr to be born in the rich guy's wife. After his birth, he was named Dhamabal Kumara. His father built a seven-storey tower for him under the banyan tree. Dhamabal was a very wise man. He fisnished his Tripesa when he was only 7 and also knew bird's language. Kabilabrahma came to test Dhamabal's intellect by asking him 3 questions. If he could give the right answers, Kabilabrahma would cut off his own head to worship. 

The questions are:
  1. Where is the morning's sign of zodiac?
  2. Where is the noon's sign of zodiac?
  3. Where is the evening's sign of zodiac?
Kabilabrahma would come to get the answers in 7 days. 
On the sixth day, Dhamabal still could not find the answers. So sneaked out to hide at the two big palmyra tree where a couple of eagles live. 

In the evening, the female eagle asked her husband where would they get their food on the next day. The male eagle replied that they would eat Dhamabal kumara's dead body, got killed because he could not gave Kabilabrahma the right answers. The female asked what were the question and the answers. Her husband told her the answers,  which were:
  1. The morning's sign of zodiac is at the face, so that human wash their face in the morning
  2. The noon's sign of zodiac is at the chest, so that human sprinkle fragrance on their chest
  3. The evening sign of zodiac is at the feet, so that human wash their before they go to bed.
After Dhamabal heard what the eagle said, he rushed back to his tower. On the following day, Kabilabrahma came to ask the questions. Dhamabal gave him the answers he heard from the eagle. Kabilabrahma lost, so he had to cut off his own head as promised. But Kabilabrahma's head had great supernatural power. If the head fell to the ground, the earth would be on fire. If the head was exposed to the air, there would be bad drought everywhere. If the head was dumped into the water, the ocean would be suddenly dried. Seven daughters must, therefore, use tray to carry the head in the parade around Mount Prasumeru . The head was then kept in Kantabuli cave at Mount Krai Las. When it completes a circle of 365 days or a year, one of the seven daughters had to carry the head of Kabilabrahma in the parade around the Mount Prasumeru. It is appointed that April 13th is Maha Songkran day, the daughter who is assigned on that day had to be a person who carried the head. The assignment is as below: 

Sunday : Songkran lady is Tung Sa
Monday : Songkran lady is Ko Rak
Tuesday : Songkran lady is Rak Sod
Wednesday : Songkran lady is Manta
Thursday : Songkran lady is Kirinee
Friday : Songkran lady is Kimita
Saturday : Songkran lady is Mahotorn